Beaches Vrboska - island Hvar

Vrboska is a small fishing village famous for its beautiful beaches surrounded by dense green pine forests that provide the most necessary shade for hot summer days. The beautiful landscape of this pebble and sandy beach makes this destination ideal for your vacation. The richness of beach content provides a full-day entertainment for all ages. Numerous water activities and sports are ideal for those looking for adventure and active vacations, if on the other hand you prefer to relax in the shade with a good book, deck chairs and beach umbrellas that can be rented on most beaches are the right choice for you. Soline Beach is a pebble beach with lots of shade that creates dense pine forests, and is ideal for a family with children. Have fun with water sports and activities such as beach volleyball and pedal rides. For the youngest there is a trampoline and a children's glacier that will surely delight you. If you are hungry or want refreshments, there is a nearby restaurant that offers a rich selection of food and drinks. If you prefer something more peaceful, you will find another famous beach, Maslinica. This beautiful pebble and stone beach surrounded by pine trees is a bit isolated, so you can enjoy uninterrupted peace and complete relaxation with the sound of the waves and the twitter of birds. Go down a little path to the beach and enjoy the seclusion, experience an unforgettable soul and body vacation and recharge your batteries surrounded by unique nature and a beautiful clean sea. If you want to refresh, it takes only a 15 minute walk from the beach to Vrboska. Do not miss the nearby beaches on the island of Hvar such as the Dubovica and Grebišće beaches. These beaches are known for their beautiful nature, richness of underwater world, crystal clear sea and a multitude of activities and entertainment to make your vacation fulfilled and active.